Tuesday, 18 June 2013


Slowly, gently let’s dive into the world,
The secret romantic world of Radha and Krishna.
Yellow garments covering Krishna’s body of blue,
Radha’s countenance blushing like the timid silver moon,
With the luring notes of Krishna’s magical flute.

acrylic on canvas....


  1. Travel more... It'll help you...

  2. Snehalata madam

    Amazing kerala mural paintings.The kerala mural paintings you draw look like real like those are in painted in Guruvayur temple and other locations of kerala.

    Snehalata madam is it possible to you to paint 1 or 2 kerala murals for me because while my presentations on Indian Heritage with students i am sharing my collections with them and explaining about them. Madam so far i gave 2 seminars on Indian Heritage and Culture and these are my 2 seminars links and in my second seminar you find photos of my collections sharing with school children.



    Snehalata madam like those collections which i shared with children in my second seminar link above i want to share something about Kerala murals also in future seminars with some material and due to this reason i am asking some kerala murals from you. I hope you understand madam.

    Thank you very much madam